Termite Services

Subterranean and Dry Wood Termites are very common in Arizona and it can very expensive to replace damage once found.

Our licensed and certified inspectors are trained to find them. Your home or business will have fully documented paper work indicating where the location of the infestation was found, the species found and the extent of damage (if any) noted.

We then will explain in writing the methods to eliminate the infestation, materials used, warranty and the cost to treat your home or business.

All of our treatments will have the best EPA approved materials used to eliminate your infestation. Our approved products are Termidor and/or Premise.

Tag Exterminating offers a top rated service and we guarantee a price that will work for all budgets.

If your selling your home and requesting a clearance report for your title company, our inspectors are also AZ state certified to do Wood Destroying Insect Reports.

For more information about termites,  courtesy termite  inspection, and how  to tell if you have termites call our email our office today!